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Fairy Tale

  • One Upon a Hocus Pocus, a collection of enchanting and magical fairytales, imbued with delightful fables and lessons. This book is a follow on from “Once Upon a Twinkle, collection of fairytales ”. Story titles include: The Ghost, the witch and the magic apple, The princess of Light, Hocus Pocus and The Fisherman’s daughter.

  • Once Upon A Falling Star, a collection of enchanting and magical fairytales. A book consisting of five fairytales echoing the magic of the Brothers Grimm, with a modern twist. Based on the adventure and stories of Princess Sara, and Prince Khalid. The stories read easily, with underlying philosophies of good over coming evil, the importance of dreams, wishes and kindness. Titles include The Pink Princess, Tapestry of Dreams, The Rainbow, The Land of Kites and Falling Stars.

  • Once Upon A Twinkle, a collection of enchanting and magical fairytales. Each story transports the reader into a world of delight and wonder. Story titles include One hundred years of beauty, the princess of riddles, the Kingdom of flying carpets, and the empty tower.

  • The Berry Tree.

    Once upon a time, in a far away Kingdom, there lived the most handsome Prince in all the land, and all who saw him loved him. A witch from the East had come to his Kingdom in order to help heal his mother the Queen who was ill, and when she met the Prince, she immediately feel deeply in love with him. But the Prince had no interest in her, and did not return her love, for he had his heart set upon marrying the daughter of a noble man. Thus with a heavy heart the witch left the Palace, and hid away in the forest, where she wept, until her broken heart wept out onto the land. And where it fell, a Berry tree grew out of the ground….